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The US and Europe

The exchange of accusations among Britishers and Americans arouses deep feelings. Here is the first of two comments. Miles Seeley says: "John Heelan is right to be angry about my comments on Europeans being on the sidelines. I confess that I was intemperate, angry myself at the seemingly endless criticisms aimed at the US for everything we do or do not do. Britain, of course, is not and has not been on the sidelines. It has taken the terrorist threat at least as seriously as the US has, and has participated in everything from the Gulf War to Yugoslavia to Afghanistan. Like most Americans, I am appreciative. I apologize for sounding smug and self-satisfied, and I assure you I feel neither.

While I do not agree with many of President Bush's domestic policies, and I am worried about some of the hawkish talk, I still appreciate a clear statement of foreign policy in perilous times. And as one who has first-hand knowledge of the causes and effects of terrorism and the threats it poses to us all, I hope the rest of the world will understand and subscribe to our efforts to at least minimize those threats. Of course we cannot do it alone, but I believe we can take the lead.

I hope the rest of the WAISers will forgive my (unusual for me) outburst. Sometimes unjust criticisms anger me, too". [Miles: Of course we understand. You do not need forgiveness. RH].

Ronald Hilton - 3/1/02