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The US and Europe: Bush turns away from the weaklings of Europe

Daryl DeBell comments on the posting on The (London) Times (19/02/02) article entitled "Bush turns way from the weaklings of Europe": "I find the tone of this assessment seriously afflicted with hubris, or worse. It exemplifies the attitude which make the US feared, hated or despised in many places throughout the world. The contemptuous attitude toward Europe because it has not armed itself to the teeth appears to be derivative of the 'realist theory' which so long afflicted US foreign policy, and is still too influential among policy makers in Washington. 'Realism' has a pernicious tendency to promote war and should be expunged from the intellectual basis of foreign policy making. It is a true assessment of the circumstances which prevailed in the distant past, when conquest was desirable. It was efficient to conquer and exploit or enslave defeated enemies, as the Romans did for centuries, and such men were heroes. Unfortunately much of this attitude still prevails in the chauvinism expressed in the article. I keep wondering, What would 'we' do with a conquered China? or they with a conquered US? War as a useful way to get rich and happy has been outmoded for probably a hundred years. Who has profited from either of the World Wars?"

Ronald Hilton - 2/24/02