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US and International law

John Wonder says: "What on earth does "the opinions of mankind" mean? There are many sectors of mankind for whose opinions I have the utmost contempt". I was surprised that conservative John would thus criticize a dictum of the Founding Fathers, but he has a point. David Krieger thinks differently: " I couldn't agree more. US leadership is not only failing to show a "decent respect for the opinions of [hu]mankind. It is showing downright disdain for these opinions, including those of our closest allies. Pulling out of the ABM Treaty and the treaty for an International Criminal Court, and imposing the recent fraudulent "arms reduction" agreement on the Russians may all support US global dominance in the short-term, but they will also come back to haunt us by dramatically undermining our national security as well as global security".

Ronald Hilton - 5/22/02