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US and the Iraq war - reaction in Europe

President Bush will be more resolute on the Iraq question following his election victory. Here is the opening of a Reuters dispatch ( 11/7/02): "Europeans worried that US President George Bush would be more emboldened, especially on Iraq, following his Republican party's mid-term election gains. The man from Texas and his center-right party gained the historically rare opportunity to control the presidency and both houses of Congress with a strong showing in the elections. "The likelihood that the American president will feel even more self-confident about his own views than prior to the election is great," said Karsten Voigt, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's US affairs coordinator. "But on the other side, I think that he needs to convince Europeans. And so far as military action (in Iraq) is concerned, he has not convinced the Germans - yet."

Ronald Hilton - 11/7/02