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US and the Iraq war...what now?

I showed this message from Hank Greely to Sherlock Holmes, who said he deduced that Hank was not a Republican. Here is the message: "I wonder whether "President Bush will be more resolute on the Iraq question following his election victory." One, admittedly cynical, interpretation of the last few months has been that Saddam Hussein suddenly rose to the level of a crisis because the President and his advisors desperately wanted to assure a regime change . . . in the US Senate. That mission accomplished, Baghdad may be allowed to subside once again into the mists of the UN process. Or perhaps not. But the avoidance of a (to me) unnecessary war would be at least one good result from Tuesday's (to me) lamentable election".

Paul Simon says: "Most Germans consider President Bush to be fairly stupid. Yet the item you posted would certainly lead one to wonder if there isn't a pot calling a kettle black here. In my opinion, two characteristics of the President which are manifest to even a casual observer are a) he remembers people who say and do thinks he doesn't like, and he doesn't forgive them b) he makes plain, declarative statements of intent and sticks by them. The current barely-clutching-to-power Schroeder regime has already blown it on number 1. On number 2, it would seem Bush has plainly said what he intends to do with regards to Iraq. I would doubt he intends any significant consultations with Germany. One would think Germany's US Affairs Coordinator bright enough to figure this out. Apparently not"...

RH: Politics is the game on both sides of the Atlantic. That explains Schroeder's behavior. In this county, Republicans and Democrats slugged it out with crude, expensive advertisements of all kinds. After the Republican victory, the two sides shook hands, as in a sporting match, and then the next fight began. Martin Frost (D. Texas), chairman of the Democratic caucus, made a fighting speech, saying the Democrats would fight to win and would go toe to toe with the Republicans. I am trying to figure out what sport this toe business comes from. In any case, for the first time in my life I did not vote. I calculated rightly that those I supported would win, and my not voting was a protest against this way of running elections.``

Ronald Hilton - 11/8/02