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The US and the Muslim world

Hoover Fellow Tom Moore says: "I do think that if we continue to try and wipe out terrorism through military might, we will enrage more Muslims. As the experience in Israel, Northern Ireland, Chechnya, Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers, and the Basques in Spain all show, you cannot eliminate terrorism through force. Ultimately you must make some accommodation with the terrorists. Instinctively we want to hit back and destroy people who attack our civilians, but it will not eliminate the terror. The only way to reduce, though probably not eliminate, the terrorism is to reduce where feasible the actions that produce the terror.

Survey after survey have shown that the Arab community does not hate Americans, liberty or democracy but they hate our policies. Kuwait for example, who we rescued from Iraq, liked our freedom and democracy by 58% to 39%, but only 6% viewed our policies favorably and a huge 88% disapproved of our policies in the Middle East. Other Muslim countries had almost identical views. The reason that al Qaeda attacked the United States is that we had troops stationed in the holy land of Saudi Arabia.

Since 9/11 we have deployed troops in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan and Georgia. Also in the Philippines and Colombia. We are talking about stationing our soldiers in the Sudan and Yemen. In each of these countries the local populace resents our presence. In Moslem countries the opposition is particularly hostile, since they see Christianity on another Crusade to invade Islam.

Finally, attacking Iraq or any other Middle Eastern country will only increase the number of terrorists that will seek to get revenge. Let us reduce terrorism, not increase it".

Ronald Hilton - 11/1/02