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The US and the world

Bill Ratliff's insult "You man!" does not apply to our TV producer Bill Van Orsdol, who is very public-spirited He has a suggestion and a comment on the present situation: "I hope, but doubt, that date referencing could be standardized. The American and European methods are confusing. In order to make data sortable by date, I use this format: 20020827. Year first, then month and then day. This makes it easy to sort chronologically. I am not proposing this as a universal system. Too many digits.

Don't you think that if the U.S. acknowledged the International Criminal Court we would have to be much more attentive to International Law? Isn't that why Bush is steering clear? My feeling is that our intellectually deficient and arrogant president wants a war going to enhance his political power. Shouldn't the U.S. take its charges against Iran to the United Nations for resolution? If we get into a hot war with Iraq, I predict Iraq will bomb Israel, and the terrorism problem will get worse. It would give an excuse to the Arab terrorists to make more attacks against us, so the terrorism problem would increase, not decrease".

My comment: I have given up on American news magazines except for US News& World Report, which is owned by a Jew who urges an attack in Iraq, and Insight, owned by a South Korean who promotes hostility to China. Israel, which wants the US to attack Iraq, has nuclear weapons which could flatten it. Iraq is a tinpot dictatorship, while China is a major power struggling to organize itself. As a Mugwump, I feel that the only member of the US cabinet who has a grasp of the international situation is Colin Powell.

Ronald Hilton - 8/27/02