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The US and world public opinion

Tim Brown opines "I support revolutions when they are just and lead to improvements in freedoms and the rights of man, and our founding fathers were very much my kind of revolutionaries. I, too, am more than willing to uproot traditional repressive social or political systems in favor of popular ones. Just as those on the left, I admire revolutions and revolutionaries. But entirely unlike them, my model revolutions took place in the US, France, and England not Russia, China and Cuba, and my role models are Jefferson, Hamilton and Washington, not Marx, Engels and Castro. The only real revolutions are "Realist revolutions". For me the purpose of revolution is not simply to change the palace guard of a country as happened in every case of Leftist revolution of the 20th century such as China, Russia and Cuba. In each of those cases power continued to flow from the top down from an authoritarian and non-participatory unelected regime that simply appointed itself to power and made themselves the new dominant elite of their country. For me, they were all failures.

I consider the purpose of real revolution to reverse the flow of power by taking it out of the hands of an unelected few and putting it into those of the people not, as defined by the imaginations of authoritarian elitists of the Left but as decided by the people through the ballot box. Today, the only real revolutions are those taking place in countries that,once almost totally dominated by small social, economic and political classes, today are opening up their economic systems via free trade and capitalism and their political systems via one-man-one-vote democracy and government transparency. It is democracy, capitalism and freedom that are the true forces that revolutionize a society, not coercively imposed regimes invented in dark corners. And, now that the false Leftist revolutions of the 20th century have all failed miserably in their own terms, finally dozens of such Realist Revolutions are underway".

RH. Tim has expressed these views before. As for ballot revolutions, had there been one at the very outset of the American Revolution, the Loyalists would almost certainly have won. As for an unelected elite, many think that the US is controlled by money. That does not mean that they admire or follow Marx, Lenin, Castro, etc.

Ronald Hilton - 12/11/02