Anti-Americanism Around the World

Daryl DeBell writes: "Randy Black has imagined, or detected, my "disgust with things American". My identification with American ideals is strong enough to be shocked by his conclusion that I am disgusted with "things American", but he would be right to say that I am disgusted with the current vogue for exhibitionistic materialism and the mindless idealization of capitalism, and the effort to impose them both on others. I am disgusted with the effort by Rumsfeld and others to weasel out of condemnation and swift remedying of the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners. Perhaps 'some things American' would be a better approximation of my attitude-if anyone cares. Randy should recognize the existence of selectivity of social criticism, not to do so risks considerable error. I should perhaps thank Randy for his implied compliment for addressing a Latin sentence to me. Unfortunately my American doctorate did not prepare me to understand it".

Daryl DeBell sends this footnote: "I feel that I should apologize for my somewhat splenetic reply to Randy Black's labeling me as being disgusted with "things American". My ire is aroused by the tendency to label those who differ or criticize American foreign policy or the Administration, "the war time President", as un-American, or as Anne Coulter states, "treasonous". I believe that such labeling is dangerous and fosters totalitarianism, and I fear it and am against it".

Ronald Hilton -