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Anti-Americanism around the world

Americans are infuriated by the anti-Americanism they run into around the world. Think of the country where you have run into this, and ponder on this story: There is an international businessman's cartel that meets every Wednesday until 5:00 PM; The members are an American, a Brit, a Japanese executive, a Frenchman, and (fill in your favorite country currently blaming the USA for its woes). On Wednesday, the group unexpectedly finishes early, and all the businessmen go home at 3 PM. By coincidence, each discovers his wife in flagrante delicto with another man.
The British man pretends he saw naught, since he hasn't been properly introduced.
The American whips out an unlicensed handgun and shoots the other man.
The Japanese fellow bows and apologizes for his impolite interruption.
The Frenchman joins in and makes it a menage a trois.
And the (fellow from name your country) goes and protests in front of the US embassy.

Ronald Hilton - 1/7/02