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The Arab World

     Fay Afaf Kanafani, an 81-year old Muslim Arab American, applauds Miles Seeley's hesitation about interfering in Arab countries, and he expresses the anger a great many of his co-religionaries feel about U.S. foreign policy. Here is some of what he says:
     I expect that world knows that the political game is to use words which translate their negative. Whether it was Carter the silky religious man or Lyndon Johnson the tough gang man, it does not make a difference. They all have to play the Game in order to come to power. Under the banner of "The National Interest of America" the game goes as far as waging unwarranted wars, killing children to keep their stooges, or tumbling down an empire like Russia, notwithstanding the risk of putting nuclear weapons in the wrong hands. This country's unconstitutional interference against the women's rights in Islam and the Establishment's work against cultural freedom in various places on this planet is a tiny crime compared to the big lies and the above mentioned crimes.

Ronald Hilton - 10/25/99