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US: Archdiocese for the Military

Just as Tony Mahowald is surprised, I am surprised that he did not take the remarks about the Pope's Swiss Guards as a harmless joke: "I am surprised that any educated person would imagine that there is a link between the Roman Catholic church and the US military. Chaplains from the Catholic faith serve in the armed forces for religious purposes, but so do chaplains from other faiths. The US bishops and the Pope have recently come out clearly and unequivocally against initiating a war against Iraq. So, the idea of the Swiss Guard becoming involved becomes even more ludicrous. They are obviously an ornament, not a fighting force. With regard to your comment "from reliable circles", I would surely like to know who that could have been".

RH: "From reliable circles" is clearly a joke about the misuse of this phrase. Seriously, I think the Swiss Guards should be abolished as part of the paraphernalia which Pope John Paul is trying to discard. He replaced the old portable sedelia with an ostrich feather fan with a "Popemobile". The Swiss Guards are useless and give the wrong impression.

Ronald Hilton - 1/6/03