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US: Archdiocese of the Military

Ed Jajko answers John Heelan's question: "Much information about the Archdiocese for the Military, USA, also known as the Military Ordinariate, can be found on its web site, at The Archdiocese is, of course, Roman Catholic, as noted. There are Muslim chaplains serving with the various services, each of which operates its own chaplain corps. See,, and similar pages for the other services. Useful information is available at, the web site of the US Army Chaplain Center and School. In the various services, there are Christian chaplains, all wearing the cross as insignia, with no distinction between Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox; Jews, wearing a stylized tablets of the Ten Commandments topped by a Star (actually, Shield) of David; Buddhists, wearing an eight-spoked wheel; and Muslims, wearing a crescent moon. As for what has taken place in Boston and elsewhere in the Church, words cannot express the revulsion and anger that this Catholic feels".

RH: I am sure Ed's failure to mention the Marines was simply a lapsus, and not theologically a sin of omission. Relax, Mike.

Ronald Hilton - 12/13/02