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Arma virumque...Arms and the Man (Not the Woman)

     The week, which began  hopefully with the moms' march against the gun-lobby, in which some WAISeress moms took part, ended sadly with a convention of the National Rifle Association, which featured men lovingly caressing new guns. They misuse the second amendment to justify their fight even against gun registration. The same arguments could be used by the millions of wild young men waving their guns as they ravage third-world countries. The Western world is appalled.
     I see little hope. The world in which our older citizens grew up has been replaced by one fed a daily diet of violence on TV and the movies. When things were much simpler, even Plato in his Republic warned against the poisoning of young minds: "We must control the story-tellers. Whatever noble story they compose we shall select, but the bad one we must reject. Then we shall persuade mothers to tell their children those we have selected and by those stories to fashion their minds far more than they can shape their bodies. The majority of the stories they now tell must be thrown out."
     What would Plato say if he watched modern television? Censorship? Yes, if you want to use that politically incorrect word. The cult of untrammeled freedom is leading us into a vortex, from which only a sense of responsibility can save our civilization.

Ronald Hilton - 5/20/00