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US: Attack Iraq? The Democrats strike back

Following yesterday's Republican surprise committee hearing to promote the Administration's plan to attack Iraq, the Democratic Party today struck back in an odd way. In a virtually empty Senate hall, Robert Bryd (D. West Virginia) made a long, rambling statement, waving a copy of the Constitution, on which he is the Senate's authority. He repeatedly told the chairman pro tem that he was out of order and revealed his ignorance of the Constitution. His point, embellished with rhetorical gestures, was that the President did not have the constitutional right to start a war unless the US were directly attacked. In what was clearly a planned piece of theater, Hillary Clinton asked him questions, which he was pleased to answer. The colorful performance did not help the Democratic cause much. Probably it was arranged spontaneously, without the approval of the party leadership.

Ronald Hilton - 9/13/02