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The Border with Mexico

     Miles Seeley is not worried about the "taco belt." He says:
     "While I can appreciate the fears some WAISers have about unchecked immigration, I detect two worrisome sub-notes: first, for "Balkanization" substitute "mongrelization," with its attendant racial connotation; second, the same song I heard repeatedly in Jackson Hole, WY over the years, which in essence says, "I'm here, now close the gates and keep everyone else out."
     In other words, I am aware of the practical problems caused by very large numbers of Mexican and other Latin immigrants, but I am also aware that these problems have been feared and solved many times in our history (remember the Irish in NYC, the Italians, the Polish on the Detroit area, the Chinese and Japanese on the West Coast, the "boat people," etc). I still believe in the spirit of the Statue of Liberty, while not ignoring the need to limit the numbers in some degree. I only argue for some lessened panic and open-mindedness."

     My comment: The Mexican border case in unique in that the immigrant wave spills over from a neighboring country. It is Texas in reverse, but on a much larger scale.
     Charges of racism evade the fact that the immigrants bring with them a different culture, regardless of its merits. One result is that the whole political picture in the United States is distorted by the appeals to minority groups whose votes may be decisive. That is why the Republican Party has decided to court the Mexican American vote. This is not the way a country should be run.

Ronald Hilton - 1/15/00