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The Border with Mexico

     Here is an angry rebuttal from John Wonder:
     "What Miles Seeley seems to forget is that at those times in the past when we received many immigrants, we needed them for our own economic well-being. I am not sure we do now; but of course a few special interests want cheap and dependent labor. In addition, formerly, we had space. Has he never felt the sensation of overcrowding? Aside from the purely physical aspects of the situation. In those days, cultural diversity was not felt to be some delicate plant that needed special treatment; immigrants were expected to conform to the general norms. Now, the situation with regard to the activists for diversification is quite different. I can think of nothing more perverse for a culture than encouraged diversity. I think those who advocate it want to destroy this country and remake it in some kind of way that even they can't define; it is simply an anarchistic attitude that reminds me of naughty adolescents."

     My comment: Miles is a sober old man, neither naughty nor anarchistic. Americans have observed the bloody breakup of Yugoslavia and the USSR. They speculate about the breakup of India and China. Do they not realize that the United States might break up?

Ronald Hilton - 1/16/00