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Mexican Border: Port Isabel Detention Center

     Jaqui White, who is a judge in Port Isabel, Texas, writes:
     "I was astonished when Stuart Rawlings mentioned that he had argued a number of political asylum cases at the Port Isabel Detention Center in Texas. This Center is about three miles from my house. It has been my impression that the people there are usually illegals who have been apprehended by various means and are waiting to be returned to (usually) Mexico, Honduras, or El Salvador. These people are normally impecunious workers, so it was surprising to me that Stuart would be here. I thought he lived in California."

     My comment: Stuart Rawlings has wandered around the globe doing good deeds. However much I sympathize with the illegal immigrants (not with their employers), there is an immigration law, and it must be enforced.

Ronald Hilton - 1/20/00