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The Border with Mexico

     Greg Guanxi brings us the perspective of the younger generation of immigrants. He points out that immigrants are attracted to the U.S. by the hope of a better life, but
     "Without compulsory military service or a war to rally behind, I did not come to appreciate my privilege as an American citizen until I gained experience abroad. Indeed, it remains difficult for me to explain my patriotism and pride as an American to people in my generation, particularly those who have little international perspective (which sadly seems to be a large majority of U.S. citizens). "

     My comment: This is an important point. Ethnic minorities who travel abroad come to realize that they are American in a way they did not a long as they lived in their ethnic communities or barrios. The problem is that few Mexican-Americans of the taco belt travel to any country other than Mexico.

Ronald Hilton - 1/21/00