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Building peace from the ashes

Some long replies to "Building Peace from the Ashes" have been received, justifying the bombing of Afghanistan. Retired General Michael Sullivan, a former Marine Corps aviator, ends his thus: "I was told in the early '50s as a young ROTC student that the US will be involved in a war about every 10-15 years. That professor has been right on the mark!!! Welcome to the real world!!!"

My reply: Bombing requires careful aim twice: the first is to decide if it hits our overall aims, and that is the job of the civilian government. If the answer is yes, then the bombers can go into action and they must also aim straight. and bomb only until the first aim is achieved. As for the US being involved in war every 10-15 years, this brings up the old argument about the inevitability of war. I am more optimistic and think that war will become as unthinkable as a new American Civil War would be.

Ronald Hilton - 10/18/01