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The Presidential Campaign

     Like Ortega y Gasset, John Wonder laments the revolt of the masses:
     My only comment, pathetic as it may be, is that what you are lamenting is only the danger the founding fathers foresaw and wished to avoid. Why must we tolerate this onslaught of vulgar mass opinion and taste only to have it later repressed, as of course it must finally be, by some sort of suffocating government repression? Can't some of these fools see what they are doing? I agree with you about John McCain, but can this stand up to charisma? Not in a revolt-of-the-masses democracy.
     My comment: The turning point in the U.S. came when the educated Whigs were replaced by Jacksonian democracy. Talking with my historian friends, I am distressed that so many of them cannot see the harm that this "democracy" did to rational discourse and incidentally good speech.

Ronald Hilton - 07/11/99