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The Foreign Policy (??) of George W. Bush

     The San Francisco Chronicle (6/29) devotes over a page to a well-documented article on the policies of George W. Bush, overwhelmingly the favorite presidential candidate of Republicans. Confirming my description of him as a glad-hander, it describes him as "a guy with a nice smile and a good handshake." That and raising money are decisive in American politics, so blame the system, not the politicians. Even so, it is pathetic to see a national hero like Senator John McCain going round New Hampshire diners, stretching out his hand to all the eaters, who accept it. If our politicians are held in contempt it is because familiarity breeds contempt. Again, blame the system.
     The aforesaid article describes the policies of George W. Bush under these headings: Taxes, Education, Crime, Abortion, Guns, Gays and Lesbians, High Tech, Environment, Race, Tort Reform, Baseball. No section about the main concern of WAIS, namely foreign policy, not even a word! Clearly the American public is more interested in baseball than in international affairs.

Ronald Hilton - 06/29/99