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US Capitalism: Brand names

A peculiarity of American capitalism is the value or brand names: WAISers have discussed the pros and cons of Coca-Cola and McDonalds.The Alliance for Lifelong Learning (AllLearn), a nonprofit distance-education company run by Stanford University, the University of Oxford, and Yale University, is open to the public. A specialist said "Although AllLearn is trying to market its association with elite universities, that doesn't always work. There is a misunderstanding about 'brand' -- it doesn't equate to prestige at all," he says, adding that the best-known food brands in the United States are McDonald's and Coca-Cola, and the most popular higher-education brand is the University of Phoenix. Developing a brand involves "consistently delivering what they say they are going to deliver.""

My comment: Coke promises to deliver the pause that refreshes or hits the spot. I've forgotten. Stanford, Yale and Oxford must now compete with Coke and McDonald"s. WAIS does not have a hot-dog in that fight.

Ronald Hilton - 8/27/02