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Chicanos and the Azatlan myth

     Diana Hull raises the important issue of the Azatlan myth, which I debunked many years ago to no avail. It is still circulating. She writes:
     "Irredentism is justified by Chicano Studies "scholars" and few historians with other views are teaching about the history of Mexicans in the United States. As I know you are aware, the mythical state of Aztlan includes US territory as far north as Washington state. Your own comment that Mexicans have a "habit of viewing Texas and California as 'terra irredenta" does, I think, gloss over what is taught about this issue, so central to Chicano Studies courses in high schools and in colleges. The best selling textbook, Rudolfo Acuna's "Occupied America" hammers away at the "stolen lands" theme. Acuna writes that "Anglo control of Mexico's northwest territory is an occupation" and that " Chicanos are not able to obtain justice (in the US) because they are controlled and living in captivity." This book is Harper and Row's third best seller in the college division. I wrote about Professor Acuna in the Spring 1997 issue of Social Contract."
     My comment: This is extremely important and dangerous. It looks as though "Occupied America" is being fed to many American college students. It is equally odd that the chicanos, who denounce racisim, boast about "la raza." At Stanford, the Spanish House, which I founded, was abolished by the administration without a word to me, and ultimately replaced by the Casa Zapata, with all that this implies.

Ronald Hilton - 02/14/99