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The CIA and Angelo Codevilla

Robert Crow says of the Codevilla and the CIA: "It is hard to imagine any part of the US government as being hostile to Israel. The US continues to look the other way at whatever Israel does and blame the horror on Arafat, who has virtually no capacity to influence anything. Who and what is responsible for the unimaginable desperation and despair that makes bright young Palestinians (maybe not so different from Stanford students) blow themselves up? Even before the confrontation triggered by Sharon at the Temple Mount, he was ordering the bulldozing of Palestinian homes to make room for Israeli settlers. It is clear that current Israeli policy is to squeeze Palestinians out of what remains of Palestine by making their lives indescribably miserable.

There is some evidence that before the holocaust, Hitler tried to get the European countries and the US to take Germany's Jews, and they refused. If this Israeli government remains unimpeded, it looks as though the best outcome will be for a Palestinian diaspora. If Sharon could get away with it, the outcome could be a lot worse. Who says history does not repeat itself?"

Ronald Hilton - 4/1/02