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US: Citizenship acquired through military service

Jose Guierrez was an illegal immigrant who was killed serving in Iraq- He was made a US citizen posthumously. Tom Grey writes: "On the BBC I heard the story of Jose Guiterrez a few days ago. Very moving. Now the WSJ writes it: Inspiration. Sadness. Personal heroism and sacrifice". RH: This is a complex issue. Serving in the US armed forces brings citizenship at the conclusion of the period of service. There was an odd scene in Mexico City yesterday. There were two rival demonstrations. One was of youths protesting against the war in Iraq, the other of young Mexicans who wanted to fight in Iraq to get US citizenship, which is normally a slow process. Even getting a visa to enter the US is a slow process, especially since terrorism has become a major concern. I assume the volunteers marched to the US embassy, but I have no information as to what action was taken.

Ronald Hilton - 4/4/03