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US Citizenship by military service

The report that US citizenship would be granted to foreigners after only one week in the armed services was met with skepticism. General Sullivan is investigating it. It was reported in Mexican news, causing a flood of applicants at the US consulates. Then it was announced that it applied only to foreigners already in the US. It may have been disinformation to create confusion in US consulates. If so, one would think that the US government would issue a denial. We shall see. David Pike says: "US citizenship after seven days in uniform? It took a Gaul or an Arab twenty-five years in the Legions before he could say "Civis Romanus sum". RH: My understanding was that it was fairly easy to become a Roman citizen, I wonder how my friend St, Paul became one? St. Paul went to Arabia, which in Roman times referred vaguely to what is now Jordan. If a non-citizen had spent 25 years in the army to become a citizen, it would mean that he became one about the age of retirement, so the number of non-citizens in the army must have been considerable.

Ronald Hilton - 4/15/03