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US Citizenship by military service

General Sullivan was properly skeptical about the report that US citizenship can be obtained after one week in the armed service. He said he would check (since he has close ties with the military), so we must wait. However, it is evident that something is going on. Evelyn Aleman writes: "I've been doing much research about immigration and immigration issues, and have found that for a serviceman to receive citizenship after serving in the U.S. military he must, first, be a U.S. legal resident". Even that seems to be in question. Yesterday the Los Angeles city council voted unanimously to ask the government to grant citizenship immediately to all non citizens serving in the armed forces. The cardinal archbishop of Los Angeles appeared prominently when the announcement was made. He wants more parishioners, the councilmen want more votes. The government must issue a clear statement on the subject.

Ronald Hilton - 4/17/03