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US: Citizenship by military service

The Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles appeared with the city council when it demanded that immediate citizenship be given to anyone serving in the armed forces. The demand was aimed at pleasing Latino non-citizens, almost all of whom are at least nominally Catholic. Rob Gaudet says: "I am surprised the archbishop appeared in the photo to support citizenship for soldiers in the American army. I hope he's not excommunicated. The official line of the Catholic Church is to oppose the war". RH: Many Protestant clerics came out against the Iraq war, but I have not noted any Catholics catering to latinos doing so. I suppose they fear being called unpatriotic.

The rumor caused a rush of applicants at US consulates, where they were told that it did not apply to them. There is another variant of this. The Nicaraguan government has opened an office for people to sign up for jobs in the rebuilding of Iraq. There has been a flood of applicants. My impression is that this has been done without any agreement with the US government or corporations. The Nicaraguan opposition charges that it is a government trick to deflect criticism of its failure to solve the unemployment problem.

Ronald Hilton - 4/21/03