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The American Civil War

Rob Gaudet says: "There has been some back-lash against the political correctness in the South. For the first time in decades, Georgia now has a Republican governor. Part of the reason why the Democrat incumbent was beaten is because he forced a new flag upon the State of Georgia. The old design prominently featured Confederate symbols. The new flag obscures them. Voters showed him what they thought this month"

Philip Terzian sends a footnote: "Note to Paul Simon: Yankees who continue to venerate graduates of Harvard College might do well to consider Ernst "Putzi" Hanfstaengel, Hitler's court jester, a member of the Class of 1910". This opens a new angle. Harvard was considered the most venerable university by Northerners. Do Southerners share that veneration? I apologize to the University of the South. Ed. Jajko contradicts me: "The University of the South, in Sewanee, Tennessee, has the largest university campus, some 11,000 acres, considerably more even than Stanford's 8,200". Indeed, Sewanee is in south-central Tenneesee, and the university has an excellent reputation.

I apologize also to West Virginia for saying. "There is no well-known university in West Virginia": Canadian David Heap rushed to correct this sin of omission by calling on Kirk Hazen, a fellow dialectologist at West Virginia University at Morgantown, who writes: "I am both not surprised and flabbergasted. In many perceptual dialectologist studies, people put the entire state of West Virginia everywhere in terms of region. Besides the hillbilly stereotype, there is little people know about West Virginia. I was shocked to find that when I mention West Virginia to people in other states, they often ask "how close are you to the beach" or "I have a friend in Roanoke, are you near there" because they are thinking "western Virginia". I then (remind) inform them that West Virginia is an actual state. Here are some news stories on the hillbilly stereotype with language (not all of these stories are good (some are awful). And here is a recent additional one that talks about Hillbonics:

I am somewhat surprised that these folks don't know about West Virginia University. We have 27,000 students overall, with a medical school, a law school, a pharmacy school, an education school, and everything else but a vet school. We are a Research 1 Doctoral institution (actually in the same classification as Stanford). Our research budget isn't great, but we did get an all-time high this last year (about $130 million). Plus we are building ourselves a research park. About the jokes, I don't have a lot to say. I am from suburban Detroit. Here are other links of relevance:

Ronald Hilton - 11/21/02