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UNITED STATES: Competition

John Gehl calls our attention to this: "J.D. EDWARDS FILES $1.7 BILLION SUIT AGAINST ORACLE
J.D. Edwards has filed a $1.7 billion lawsuit in Colorado against Oracle, alleging the database giant has "tortiously interfered" with its proposed takeover by PeopleSoft. J.D. Edwards is also filing a separate suit in California against Oracle, CEO Larry Ellison and VP Chuck Phillips, alleging wrongful conduct and unfair business practices. The legal actions come in response to Oracle's hostile bid to acquire PeopleSoft -- a bid formally rejected. "Oracle's sole aim is to disrupt a merger that will create value for the key stakeholders at J.D. Edwards and PeopleSoft...We will not sit idly while Oracle pursues this arrogant, unlawful and destructive course of action," said J.D. Edwards CEO Bob Dutkowsky. Oracle responded that it believes the case has "no merit." (CNet 12 Jun 2003)" RH: Oracle is just to the north of Stanford, most of Silicon Valley lies to the south. In my youth the ideal of the gentleman scholar existed. Since then the cut-throat nature of business has infected our universities, hidden, as in business, behind a fašade of public relations. It was this mentality which has led to the destruction of weaker departments or inter-departmental programs. Do we wish to force this system on the world as a whole? The age of ruthless competition is slowly coming to an end, to be replaced by a spirit of cooperation. Or is that asking too much of that corrupt thing, human nature? Only an Oracle can tell.

Ronald Hilton - 6/24/03