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US Congress and nuclear weapons

I asked if it was true that Senators and Congressmen lack the Q clearance necessary to get information about nuclear weapons, even though the Senate must ratify treaties about them. David Krieger replies: "I would say that the members of Congress lack information and, more important, perspective. How else can you explain the Senate voting 95 to 0 in their recent ratification of SORT, a treaty that is little more than a cheap public relations gimmick and not a serious arms control measure by any standard except perhaps that of the Axis of Arrogance that comprises the Bush administration? I wonder how many members of Congress or the administration are even aware of US obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty, including the 13 Practical Steps to achieve nuclear disarmament agreed to at the 2000 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. I daresay few if any. The United States remains in material breach of its disarmament obligations under Article VI of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Our lack of leadership with regard to nuclear disarmament undermines global security and especially our own. Congress is likely to realize this only when this lack of leadership and failure to meet our treaty obligations results in terrorists obtaining and using nuclear weapons. A docile and misled Congress is very, very bad for our Republic. Didn't we once have an opposition party in our country?" RH: I still need an answer to my question about Q clearance.

Ronald Hilton - 3/9/03