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US Congress: Israel and Palestine

The San Francisco Peninsula Democratic congressman Tom Lantos, of Hungarian origin, is generally respected, but he does himself great harm because, traumatized by a concentration camp experience, he is a ruthless leader of the pro-Isrtael group in Congress. This is an extract of a message from Virginia Abernethy. "Tom Lantos and a gaggle of pro-Israel congressmen have circulated amongst congressmen a letter to President Bush that dovetails perfectly with the wishes of the Sharon ring-wing cabinet which hates the idea of a Palestinian state in any form. Specifically the letter asks that the responsibility of proceeding with the roadmap for peace be placed exclusively with the Palestinians, while not requiring anything of the Israelis. In addition, it seeks to ward off cooperation with any other powers, particularly the United Nations, Russia, and the European Community. In other words, it wants President Bush to go it alone in brokering any peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians". Naturally this infuriates the Europeans. It is as though the EU decided to redraw the map of Central America without consulting the US. Palestine has a small voice in Washington: The Palestine Center at 2425 Virginia Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20037. Scott Ritter, former UN Chief Weapons Inspector, gave a forceful talk there in which he condemned the choice of Jay Garner to run Iraq. I have no idea what solution the Palestine Center proposes for the Middle East. I can see none.

Ronald Hilton - 4/26/03