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Divorce in the US: Oklahomans unite!!

The posting about the high divorce rate in Oklahoma and the low divorce rate among Mexican Americans elicited a variety of responses. As for boredom as a cause of divorce, John Heelan speaks of an inhabitant of a small town saying "This was a one-horse town, until the horse got bored and quit!". Angrily, Tim Brown says I owe an apology to Nevada, whose fame is as the divorce capital of the US. I refuse to apologize. The expert, James Q. Wilson, said that many Americans thought that, but statistics disallow the claim. As for Mexican Americans, Raśl Escalante says "Actually, several communities in the highlands of Jalisco "export" migrant workers to Oklahoma (or "'Klohoma" as it's known here). I don't know what effect this has on the statistics of the State. I am skeptical of the low divorce rate in Mexican communities in the US. It can be explained partly by the sadly common practice of abandoning wives, or practicing polygamy ("casa chica"). Mexican consulates in the US have a good deal of regular work tracking down "disappeared" husbands".

Ronald Hilton - 4/23/02