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US: Dual nationality - some caveats

Speaking of dual nationality, John Wonder says: "This is what I hate about the American personality. Either a thing is or it isn't. So many Americans, if it is convenient, would like to have it both ways. The question of dual nationality is a perfect example. Either you pledge allegiance to the US or you do not. If you do, you are no longer a citizen of the former country. I would not allow citizens (inhabitants, or whatever?) to hold dual citizenship. If a country like Mexico, which allows dual citizenship (obviously for financial reasons), it should not profit from it. If they do not like the exclusion of their dear, tax-paying, hard working citizens, perhaps they had better change their ways".

My comment: There is much resentment against the Mexican attitude toward these matters, as is evident in the careful studies of the Center for Immigration Studies. George Borjas of Harvard, described as "America's leading immigration economist", has written"The Impact of Welfare Reform on Immigrant Welfare use" See also Robert S.Leiken. "Enchilada Life" Mexicans in the US are constantly demanding services and justifying illegal immigration, but there is no mention of their responsibilities. Jaqui White mentioned the protest taking place today against the failure of the Mexican government to provide promised funds to the farmers of the Mexican border states, but it has just announced an expensive program to install a string of expensive floodlights along the Mexican border to guide Mexicans trying to enter the US illegally. What does this mean?

Ronald Hilton - 5/23/02