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The US: The ebb and flow of migration

The posting on "The US: The Ebb and Flow of Migration" has elicited soe strong reactions on both sides. As usual, Miles Seeley, who lives in Kansas City, Missouri, is brimming over with joie de vivre. He writes:

"This may sound like a Chamber of Commerce release for the Midwest, but:

  1. I live in a large, comfortable, 100-year-old home that according to realtors would have cost 5 times more if located on the Peninsula or Orange County. The crime rate in my neighborhood is very low and the neighborhood association active.
  2. I am less than 10 minutes from an excellent Symphony, a good Lyric Opera, an acclaimed Rep Theatre, two world-class art galleries.
  3. I was born and raised in the Midwest, have lived on both coasts and in many countries abroad, but have returned to the Midwest and find that this is a common story.
  4. Our rush hour traffic is a joke next to LA or Palo Alto or Washington DC.
  5. It is a true four-season climate (for good or bad). It is a city of trees, parks, and fountains.
  6. The cost of living is a fraction of what it is for our family members on both coasts.
  7. The people are, by and large, friendly and courteous and helpful.
  8. The jobless rate is usually well under that on either coast.

And so forth and so on. I am glad I have come home."

My comment: 8 puzzles me. The complaint of the Senators quoted is that young people are leaving because of lack of jobs. They may have been referring to the mountain states. I do not have the map they showed, but I believe Miles' "home" was outside the area of outmigration, marked red.

Ronald Hilton - 2/15/02