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UNITED STATES: The presidential election crisis implications

Miles Seeley has a strong constitution, and he defends de the American constitution:

"At the risk of making myself unpopular with everyone, let me say that the only thing that bores me more than the Florida situation is the constant carping that our process is corrupt. Maybe it is, but it has been ever thus. Votes have been bought, the dead have been counted, political machines have flourished, judges and lawyers have been felons, and on and on. And yet we flourish and are still the envy of the world, imperfect as we are. There must be some things we are doing right, but you'd never know it by listening to the carpers. One of the things we do is make sure that anyone and everyone can complain to his/her heart's content. Sometimes that even results in change. Pretty good idea."

My comment: "Sometimes"? Will financial reform of the electoral system be one of those times? I am reminded of the defense some Latin Americans make of their president: "He steals, but he gets things done."

Ronald Hilton - 11/21/00