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Is the US Incurably Violent?

     The story that the U.S. deliberately bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade is absurd, but it is disturbing how many people believe it because of the United States´ reputation for violence.
     The campaign against violence in the movies and on television recently featured a congressional hearing. There were some excellent presentations, but the glib claim of Hollywood czar Jack Valenti that the film rating system was adequate only heightened my dislike for him and his world.
     Right after the hearing came the hype about "Star Wars: Phantom Menace." Kids lined the streets waiting for it. A preview in New York was a mob scene with glitterati. A Fox representative opened the show with an appeal to help prevent bootlegging the film. Not a word about the violence in it; that is the main commercial attraction. Business is business.

Ronald Hilton - 05/09/99