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United States: Emerging Bush strategy

General Sullivan sends approvingly a long article "Emerging Bush Doctrine Reshaping U.S. Strategy" by Harry Colmery. It ends "It is not clear that the Bush Doctrine will ever be formalized. But it is increasingly apparent that the United States is moving to adopt this strategy. It is a complete reshaping of U.S. global strategy based on the assumption that the interests of the United States have been fundamentally redefined by al Qaeda. An extraordinary threat has been posed. An extraordinary solution.The Bush strategy also plays to the core strengths of the United States. The United States is a global power and this is a global strategy. It is heavily dependent on military power and not particularly dependent on complex diplomatic solutions".

This is a bald statement of the US determination to enforce a pax americana. That may be one solution, but it pushes aside the State Department and assorted academics. I would like to be sure that the Pentagon knows what it is doing. There is no point in alienating other nations unnecessarily, although it may be necessary. There is also the old US rhetoric about "a decent respect for the opinions of mankind".

Ronald Hilton - 3/8/02