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The Enron scandal and Latin America

We should all be concerned about the international impact of the Enron scandal, which damages the world image of the US and of its capitalist system. The clearest example is Bolivia, a poor but gas-rich country where Enron has been active. Even more than in the US it has become a political issue, with the opposition party damning the government which made the deal.

This morning I listened to the Spanish mass from the cathedral of San Ferando in San Antonio, Texas. The congregation consists of simple Mexican Americans. The guests of honor today was a group of physicians from among them, who are devoted to serving the poor of the diocese. An old, simple lady read the first lesson, the story of the Garden of Eden. I though to myself: "How can people believe this nonsense?". Then Father David Garcia devoted his sermon to explaining the Enron scandal in terms of it. Adam and Eve, like rich people, had an abundant life, but they wanted more, and they ate the forbidden fruit thinking it would make them like gods. From this original sin, greed, came the misery of mankind, which has affected everyone since then. The lesson: Curb your greed. The congregation, some of whom may have suffered from the Enron greed, listened attently, and went away associating the Enron executives with the Devil. I doubt that those executives are thinking about the lessons of Lent.

Ronald Hilton - 2/17/02