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THE US: Exporting democracy and war

The San Francisco Chronicle (4/5/03) ran the article by David K. Shipler on the famous road map, which was the subject of an earlier posting. Below if was a piece by Carolyn Lochhead of its Washington bureau titled "The Bush Doctrine: Exporting democracy benefits the US. But using military might to pursue ideal has some nations wondering. What now?" If there were a collective action by a group of democratic nations, there would be less concern about the motives behind the "exporting". Rob Gaudet says: "The War Powers Act addressed this concern by requiring Congressional approval for the use of military force overseas. It was enacted after the bombings of Cambodia by Nixon to restrain the unfettered use of presidential power. Why it has not come up in the recent debate over the Iraq war?". RH: It did, but Senator Byrd was one of the few who mentioned it. There was widespread criticism of the Democratic Party for its failure to raise the issue more vigorously. The administration has set an example which it presumably will follow if there is another military operation. Carolyn Lochhead calls the exporting of democracy "the neoconservative enterprise".

Ronald Hilton - 5/5/03