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That Femme Fatale, Monica Ledwinsky

     Dan Wilhelmi calls attention to Monica's lurid appearance in Harrod's store in London:
     "Bagpipers escorted her through London's most famous department store to warm applause and a bouquet of white roses. Hundreds of shouting photographers muscled through the crowd and autograph-hunters climbed atop chairs and book displays for a better look at the former White House intern, causing her to temporarily flee in tears. Most of the time she was radiantly happy. "The circus is in town,'' said Murray Buchan of London, who admitted he came to the inaugural book signing at Harrods hoping to see a spectacle.
     Even after the media crews were herded out of Harrods on Monday, the atmosphere was no less frenzied. Tourists held cameras over their heads and giggled -- asking each other ``Did you see her?''the front of the room. ``For us, it is another site to see on our tour. We're definitely not here in support,'' said Randy Gallagher, a graduate student from Atlanta who is visiting relatives in England. `You sympathize with her,'' said Melissa Grange, a 21-year-old exchange student in London from the College of St. Benedict and St. John's in Minnesota. `She was young and didn't know what she was getting into,'' added fellow student Chrissy Lee." "
     My comment. After a 90-stop British tour, Monica goes to Paris. On international TV she got more footage than Clinton traveling through Central America. The Egyptian owner of Harrods has been refused British citizenship. Monica does not help his case.
     A new book on the wives of American Presidents included love letters to them from the Presidents. Many were very touching, notably those of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Clinton is busy raising funds for his library in Little Rock. Letters? I hope Monica donates an autographed copy of her book. What the museum will contain is an interesting question.
     Queen Victoria and Gladstone must be turning over in their graves. The Victorians were great believers in progress. They must wonder how the fooled themselves.

Ronald Hilton - 03/09/99