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Fiscal Year 2003 Military Budget at a glance

General Sullivan sends a long analysis of the proposed Pentagon budget, posted by the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, 110 Maryland Avenue, NE Washington, D.C. 20002, (202) 546-0795, Here is the FISCAL YEAR 2003 MILITARY BUDGET AT A GLANCE

==$396.1 billion - Military budget request for FY 2003 (Budget Authority) == $45.3 billion increase from FY 2002. These figures are called "National Defense" or "050" in the federal budget; they include Pentagon budget plus the intelligence budget, Department of Energy military programs and a few smaller programs.)

==FY 2003 National Defense budget authority (Function 050)
$379.3 billion - Pentagon
$ 15.6 billion - Department of Energy nuclear weapons activities
$ 1.2 billion - other (Coast Guard)
==$396.1 billion - TOTAL
For details, consult the full document

Secretary of State Colin Powell testified before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, chaired by happy Senator Biden, with the former chairman, Senator Helms, sitting glumly on his left. It was an excellent session. All the senators supported the military, but Democratic Senators put Colin Powell on the spot by pointing out that the Pentagon budget was 15 times that of State, approximately $20 billion. Did he not think State should get some of the Pentagon money? Secretary Powell, essentially a Pentagon man, evaded the issue by praising the judgment of President Bush. There were warnings against saying that, with its big well-funded defense system, the US could go it alone and need not take its western allies into account.

Ronald Hilton - 2/7/02