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US Foreign Policy: "Rogue States"

     Miles Seeley says:
     "As a lifelong internationalist and one who has lived abroad in six countries, I have long thought about what the US should do about long-standing enmities. It seems to me it costs nothing to make continual overtures to seek common ground with Iran, Cuba, Algeria, etc. Perhaps this is being done behind the scenes, as in Henry Kissinger days; but if it is not, it should be. I also think the US must stop "demonizing" people or countries with whom/which it is at odds. Doing so damages any hopes for peaceful dialogue. The world is changing fast, and one of the possible benefits to economic globalization could be greater interest in maintaining relations with as many countries as possible. Strong relations (diplomatic, cultural, and economic) lead to better understanding. In my view that in turn leads to lessening of the tensions that lead to man's ultimate insanity-- war."

Ronald Hilton - 3/17/00