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US Foreign Policy: "Rogue States"

     Miles Seeley says "I both agree and disagree with Tim Brown:
     I agree we are not responsible for all or even most of the world's ills. My work abroad was parallel to but quite different from Mr. Brown's, so it is perhaps natural that our perspectives differ. Continual and private overtures can be made to good effect, I think, and do not have to be a form of appeasement. Even in Iran under Khomeini and Algeria today, there are many who hope for improved relations. By demonizing their leaders, and Saddam and bin Laden, for example, I think we do a disservice to ourselves because we make it nearly impossible to have a dialogue of any sort and reduce the world to blacks and whites. I agree appeasement of monsters, a la Hitler, is idiotic, and that is not what I meant. There were times when in my position I made contacts quite outside the diplomatic norms and they were encouraged. I sometimes found people and conditions were not as advertised either in our official positions or our media."

     My comment: One problem is that public statements are just the tip of the iceberg. We will not know for years the dealings that are going on secretly, and we may never know.

Ronald Hilton - 3/18/00