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US Foreign Policy: "Rogue States"

     Linda agrees that " the US is not responsible for all of the world's ills. Perhaps it seems that way because of the propensity we seem to have on a sanctimonious attitude, coupled with a real inconsistency in foreign policy. While we openly support some repressive regimes, we lionize others. In my opinion, China gets away with murder (and I do mean murder), while Fidel gets a bad press if he sneezes (he is using biological warfare against the western world). And the blockade continues. Mexico's certification as a partner against drugs raises some of those concerns. Anyone who has visited the estates in the Sinaloa/Cuiliacan area knows all about poppies (and I'm not singing the refrains of "Amapola.")."

     My comment: Each country has its own list of rogue states. For much of the world, Israel is a rogue state but not for the US. Much of the world would not call Iran a rogue state. There are degrees. For the US, France is roguish.

Ronald Hilton - 3/18/00