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Gitmo, Miles Seeley and the CIA

John Heelan of the UK joins Hank Greely and Raúl Escalante in demanding that the US observe high standards. He make a long comparison between the modus operandi of the US and the Taliban and notes great similarities. He consludes: "The desire for revenge post-9/11 is understandable. However, if the US wishes to present itself as the ethical leader on the world in additionto being the military/economic leader, then it should avoid any potential charge of ethical hypocrisy. The Guantánamo Bay situation has always been suspect vis-a-vis Cuba, and now has the potential of denigrating the US even further.

John Wonder rushes to the defense of Miles Seeley: "Miles Seeley is one of the few realists I have heard from. I hope there are more like him. Why have Americans become so intellectually and emotionally flabby? Does it follow from too many hamburgers and other fatty foods?" John, no WAISer is intellectually and emotionally flabby. At least, those who do WAIS exercises regularly are not.

Miles spent his career in the CIA. A former CIA officer, decorated by the CIA, has just published a book, See No Evil, about the agency's misfortunes. Approved by the CIA, it claims that during the Carter administration, the CIA has involved in a scandal in Paris, as a result of which its personnel was cut and more reliance placed on satellites. As a result, "" was downgraded, leaving the agency with few Arab speakers. At the same time, a scandal has broken out precisely about satellites: Allegedly a US plane bought by China for Jiang Zemin was refurbished in Texas. The CIA took advantage of the opportunity to install hidden mikes in the plane and linked by satellite with the US. Ths Chinese are not amused. Miles resents unfair criticism of the US. What does he think about this?

Ronald Hilton - 1/19/02