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US: Government

We have several times addressed the question: Who runs the US foreign policy? The answer seems to be the President in cooperation with the Pentagon. The state Department and the Senate are on the defensive. Widely circulated was a rumor that Secretary of State Colin Powell would be dropped, a rumor which President Bush tried to stop by appearing with a subdued Powell at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. The situation was described by Maureen Dowd in "Hawks may be behind Powell story" (New York Times, 8/6/03). She is skeptical as to Bush's commitment to Powell. She speaks of "the neo-con blue-print for world domination through what James Woolsey calls World War IV (World War III being the Cold War). "The move against the popular Powell had all the hallmarks of the pre-emptive strike on Iraq". Among the similarities she sees is "make sure it's good for Ariel Sharon".

In one way I find myself in agreement with the neo-cons, namely that the US must be run as Strauss advocated by an elite. The national scene is depressing enough, with the eleven Democratic candidates lined up on a stage like birds on a perch; in turn they pontificate in brief platitudes. The California scene is even more depressing. Schwarzenegger has declared he is a candidate for governor of California. Scenes of him in "The Terminator" are shown, while the crowd roars its approval. Among the other candidates is a porn actress. Heaven knows who the men will vote for. Schwarzenegger has the money and the media exposure, not to be confused with the exposure of the porn actress.

Ronald Hilton - 8/7/03