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The Foreign Policy of George W. Bush??

     Texans are proud of their state and of their favorite son, George W. Bush. They cannot be proud of their climate in these dog days, but this is not mentioned in the clippings sent me by Jaqui White. They included an editorial boosting Stanford's ex-provost Condeleeza Rice. She did not reply to my inquiry about George W.'s foreign policy, but the editorial gave me an answer, which paraphrased my remarks. She said that she had got away from close involvement in foreign affairs, and that he had more international experience than most people realize. I am just one of most people.
     Is America developing a feudal system economically and politically, with the lords inheriting money instead of land and a hereditary presidency? Much as we lament the death of John Kennedy, the totally uncritical eulogies of the Kennedy family it has provoked remind me of the reverence for the royal family in England seventy years ago. Be it noted that I admired President Bush.
     We live in the information ages, and we are entitled to precise information about the foreign policies promoted by presidential candidates.

Ronald Hilton - 07/18/99