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     Young plotters in many places use similar techniques, e.g. the Basque provinces, Corsica, and also Hawaii, as Tom Marks points out:
     "In Hawaii, we have an active sovereignty movement, which is presently planning a "civil disobedience" campaign to counter the recent Supreme Court decision striking down use of public money for "natives only" purposes. It is significant that the original impetus was given, much as in Peru and Ayacucho, by Federal government programs ostensibly for allowing groups to get in touch with their authentic roots. Then, State money became important, in particular the Hawaiian Studies Center at the University of Hawaii, where meetings for the civil disobedience campaign are actually being held. Hawaiian language students are trained at the center, then sent out into the community, where they can get jobs only through employment in the state educational system. It's a very interesting circle.
     Not a single article has looked at this. When the editor of the Honolulu Advertiser, the main newspaper (Democratic in politics) was asked -- at a focus group I attended -- why there was no in-depth coverage of precisely such issues, to include who was in "sovereignty" groups, he replied that it was too dangerous for reporters!"

Ronald Hilton - 3/8/00